Big Biography

Our Big Biography Series offers just that — biographies that contain a ton of interesting information about interesting people. This middle-grade series features entertaining text, breakouts, illustrations, photos, maps and more to keep your young reader engaged. And the timeline, mini-biographies, and glossary make these books perfect for the classroom or school library!

Upcoming Titles:

Mary Dyer, Friend of Freedom (September 2, 2014) ORDER YOUR COPY HERE!

Judy Garland: Little Woman, Big Talent (November 11, 2014) ORDER YOUR COPY HERE!

Pete Seeger, The People’s Singer (July 21, 2015) ORDER YOUR COPY HERE!

Jim Thorpe, Noble Olympian (Spring 2016)

Teachers, contact us at atombankbooks [at] if you’d like an educator’s discount or classroom materials for these books!


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