Mary Dyer, Friend of Freedom

Mary Dyer Friend of Freedom Cover


Mary Dyer, Friend of Freedom tells the remarkable story of one woman’s two-decades long struggle to make sure that people are free to worship as they please. Mary risked her life to battle some of the most powerful men in the English colonies — men who would hang, imprison or torture anyone whose religion they didn’t like.  She fought for religious rights, women’s rights, and the rights of the poor. She helped start two towns in Rhode Island, became an early female minister, and remained a loyal friend to all those around her. Find out how this humble but brave Quaker woman inspired kings, governors and everyday people to guarantee religious freedom for everyone. Celebrate this civil rights hero today with your copy of Mary Dyer, Friend of Freedom!

Mary Dyer, Friend of Freedom by John Briggs

102 pages, with illustrations, pictures and maps, plus a timeline, mini-biographies and glossary.

Suggested retail price: $6.99 print, $2.99 ebook